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Real Sword Type 56-2 and SVD

From Arnie's Airsoft:

Frank at RealSword has sent in promotional news of their SVD and Type 56-2 models. Click any image for a larger version:

Type 56-2:

RS SVD AEG COMING SOON: Since the announcement of the production of SVD AEG by RS in IWA 2008 at March, 2008, RS has been working extremely hard on the R&D and trials of this SVD electric toy gun, which has been long expected by our players. The unique “interior to exterior” R&D principle of RS maintains the real sizes of the originals in the products. We insist copying all the arts and crafts details of the originals in order to bring the player a perfect SVD AEG.

During the R&D, suggestions were given by the players as well. Focusing on the feeling of shooting, some of the players wish the product can be finally made into pneumatic gun; while to ensure the practical use of this toy gun, more players wish it can be made into electric one.

Now,RS has launched the SVD AEG initially.For an AEG, RS maintains the utmost real size structures in where ever the AEG needs the real size to be. For the parts that should provide performance of an AEG, RS enables them with high quality entertaining function.

To cope with different weather of different countries, electric driven SVD has stronger environment adaptability, thus it is more practical. As a sniper style AEG, RS guarantees the toy gun’s shooting accuracy and shooting range with RS’s precise manufacturing and modern R&D. To deal with the narrow, small and rather long interior area of SVD, RS devoted lots of hard works and overcame lots of technical difficulties. Now we can say RS SVD is making RS very proud. (RealSword)

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