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Airsoft Assist?s X-Mas sales

From Arnie's Airsoft:

Airsoft Assist have sent out their latest newsletter:
Dear customer,  Airsoft Assist is preparing for the X-Mas sales of 2008. You should also be prepared! Check below the latest news from Airsoft Assist… Wide range of products in stock!

Airsoft Assist will take care to have a wide range of products in stock during the X-Mas sales. You can count on BIOVAL, FOGTECH, VFC, SUPERCELL, RICO TACT! ICS, ABBEY, etc.

Balistic BB Test: BIOVAL BBB did an advanced independed balistic labtest on BB’s. The tests are done by Levante Labs in Switzerland. A hard copy is available at Levante Labs, just send in a self addressed envelope to retreive the hard copy test results. It is a 50 page document with a lot of details and illustrative pictures writen in understandable language. A downloadable .PDF is available under HERE. The most comprehensive tests ever published on the internet in relation to BBs. This is a must read for those who care about their BB’s.

New RICO Tactics Alpha 9 Tactical Light RICO Tactics introduced a new version of the Alpha tactical light! Finally the Alpha 9 i available again. This new model has the following improvements:
    New pressure pad with guard.
    A newly designed paddle switch.
    New upgraded mount
    More robust mounting clamps
    La! rger thumbscrews
    New compact bezeldesign

A lot of improvements which make the RICO Alpha 9 even better! Airsoft Assist has become the European exclusive distributor of the RICO serieus, order yours now!

When you have any questions left or problems with your dealer account, please contact us via e-mail ( or Skype (username:airsoftassist)

Kind Regards,
Herman Boer
Sales & Public RelationsAirsoft Assist
Fax: +32 51 69 37 58
SKYPE Account: airsoftassist

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