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HurricanE 552 Holosight vs. Huang (G&P) 552 replica

For some time now, I’ve had one of the second generation EOTech 552 sights purchased from Huang. Basically, it’s a G&P unit with added EOTech trademarks, hence the slightly higher price tag than G&P. I was quite happy with this sight for the most part. It worked well under most conditions, but was very curious how it stacked up to the quite expensive Hurricane 552 model. I got to briefly try a PTW with a HurricanE last summer, and was quite impressed with it (the sight, not the PTW). So about 2 weeks ago, I received a HurricanE and figured I would post my comparison of the 2 models

HUANG / G&P EOTech 552 replica

For around $100, you get a LOT of bang for your buck with this sight. The first generation of Huang’s 552s were mediocre with assloads of electronic problems and a non-adjustable elevation setting that made the sight pretty much useless. The only good point I found on this first generation sight was the exceptional optics and zero ghosting.

The second generation Huang sights are an improvement all around except in the optics. As with the previous version (and most other such sights on the market), it features both red and green reticule settings with multiple brightness adjustments, as well as an auto shutdown feature after 2 hours of operation (since the last time the buttons were pressed) to conserve battery life. That being said, I’ve had the sight on for many hours, I’m still on the original batteries, and the reticule shows no sign of losing intensity.

The fitment of the parts is more solid and precise. The trademarks are clearer and feature correct spelling. However, it does have some very minor ghosting visible in low-sight situations. This is easily remedied by lowering the reticule brightness.

Unlike the first generation 552 and the HurricanE 552, looking down the business end of this sight, especially in low-light situations, you don’t see a bright glow that can give away your position.

The real down side of this sight is that in bright daylight, the reticule is rather hard to see, even at its brightest settings. Indoors, in the shade of woods, or on overcast days, it works like a charm. But as soon as you step into bright sunlight, you’d better have backup iron sights available, because the sight won’t be of much use.


Solid construction
Exceptional battery life
Very minimal ghosting
EOTech trademarks
Doesn’t have a glow that will give your position away in low light conditions


Reticule not bright enough for use outdoors on sunny days.


While I really like my Huang 552, its only real flaw makes it less than ideal for outdoors use. Having had a chance to try a HurricanE 552 at an outdoors game on a bright sunny day, I knew that it would be the solution to my problems. However, in some ways, I’m less than impressed with it than I am with the Huang model.

The HurricanE 552 includes all the same features as the Huang / G&P model in terms of red / green sight, as well as multiple brightness settings and the 2-hour auto-shutdown feature. It also features a really handy auto-brightness setting that changes the brightness of the reticule depending on light condition. This is a VERY handy feature that I found to work extremely well.

My first gripe with the HurricanE 552 is the optics when considering the price point. Using the green reticule on its brightest setting, I can see no less than 3 ghost reticules. And the further away the eye is from the sight, the larger and brighter they appear. Switching to red reduces the intensity of the ghosts pretty significantly, but at least 1 ghost is always visible at all but the lowest settings. Outdoors in bright light, they’re harder to see, but they’re still there. Considering these things sell for $250+ new, I think this shouldn’t be an issue, yet it is.

My second gripe with the HurricanE 552 is the glow that it casts out of the other end. In a normally lit room at home, from 20 feet away, I can clearly see the glow of the reticule. In low light, the front of the sight emanates a steady red or green glow that simply can’t be missed. If you’re playing in low light conditions, this thing could give away your position.

And thirdly, although this is a minor gripe, the entire unit is devoid of trademarks except for the HurricanE logo on its base. This isn't really an issue, but some people like their trademarks and the look of authenticity is important to them, so it needs to be mentioned.

On the positive side, this sight rocks outdoors in bright light. The day I received it was a bright, sunny day without a cloud in the sky. I stepped outside (at about 12:30 with the sun at its brightest) with the sight to see if I had any visibility problems. The green reticule washes out a bit of you’re facing the sun, but the red is easily visible. Ideally, I think I would use the red reticule outdoors anyway, since it seems to be much more visible for me. But the green works very well too. at higher settings. And on a positive note, when used in bright light, the ghost rings are so faint that you don't really see them well at all. They're still there, but not really distracting.

As mentioned earlier, the auto-brightness feature is a great addition for play scenarios where you’re facing multiple lighting conditions. For CQB, I loved how it would always adjust itself for optimal brightness for the ligh conditions I was itn. This is a big plus on thsi unit that other replicas and even the real steel don't have.

And of course, since it’s made by HurricanE, you can expect a top-quality product in terms of construction, durability and reliability.


Solid construction
Exceptional battery life (so I’ve been told – haven’t had it long enough to test this myself)
Auto-brightness setting with adjust reticule brightness for different lighting conditions
Excellent reticule visibility outdoors even in the brightest sunlight.


Horrible ghosting
Business end has a bright glow that will give your position away in low light conditions
Extremely expensive – you can get a genuine lower end EOTech or a Bushnell Holosight (civvie / hunting version of the sight actually made by EOTech) for the price.
No trademarks

A small note on the trademarks - I was rather curious about how cross-compatible the 2 models of sight were, so I tried swapping the trademarked battery case and hood from my Huang model onto the HurricanE. And lo and behold, the parts were directly interchangeable without any issue whatsoever. I had lens protectors for both of the sights, and there’s a minor fitment issue getting either of the protectors to fit the Hurricane with the trademarked Huang hood, but the protector was a perfect fit on the Huang sight with the HurricanE hood. Minor work with a dremel will get the protector to fit just right.

In my case, my Huang model 552 has ow been dedicated for indoors use on my P90. In this role, it's an ideal sight that will perform exceptionally well. I don't think the HurricanE is a very good choice for indoors where low light conditions exist, and therefore it's been dedicated for my HK416 for outdoors use only.

I hope my comparison here will be of help to anyone looking to get one of these sights. IMO, both are very good, but each is better suited to one role or the other.

EDIT - MAY 11 2009

As of writing this update, I now own a Bushnell holosight (real steel) and have a real steal EOTech 552 on the way to me. Once I receive and field the EOTech, I'll expand this review to incorporate how these 2 real laser holosights compare to each other, and how the lower cost RDS replicas stack of to the more expensive holographic versions.

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