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Originally Posted by Anthology View Post
Yes, well I don't consider RS to be an Direct-To-America company (Due mostly to their quailty), they distribute to Asia and surrounding area primarily (N.A. being an important secondary market) if I'm correct. Was the flash hider loose in the box or did it have a set spot in the foam? Yeah I agree, the RDS version doesn't allow for tons of customization. Unless you get one of them P90 Massive-Mother-of-Freaking-God-Gunship kits that have like an acre of R.I.S. on them as well as 2 M203's and an MP7 .
Yeah, that's why I said that RS aren't really an American-distributed product. I mentioned it because it was the only other gun I ever got that came with an orange tip. And the black flash hider was included in the box in one of the cutouts in a small plastic bag. Perhaps they are included, and retailers / distributors remove them from the packaging when selling to an American customer, but leave it when it's being shipped out of the country.

And yeah, I've seen those kits. IMO, they look horrible and kind of defeat the purpose of the ultra-compact bullpup design of the P90.
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