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Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
Yeah, it's the first time I hear of an American-distributed gun coming with the replacement metal flash hider too. My Real Sword Type 56 also came with a crappy orange plastic tip, but included the regular metal one in the box. Granted, mine came from Redwolf and didn't travel to the US first. I do know that my gun was ordered from an American store from my importer. I don't really have an answer for that. Maybe the retailer included the regular tip because the gun was being shipped to a Canadian customer rather than an American one.

I don't know what E1 have in store for the E90 in terms of an RDS version. Personally, I prefer the Tri-rail version, as I can attach whatever optic I want, as well as a flashlight.
Yes, well I don't consider RS to be an Direct-To-America company (Due mostly to their quailty), they distribute to Asia and surrounding area primarily (N.A. being an important secondary market) if I'm correct. Was the flash hider loose in the box or did it have a set spot in the foam? Yeah I agree, the RDS version doesn't allow for tons of customization. Unless you get one of them P90 Massive-Mother-of-Freaking-God-Gunship kits that have like an acre of R.I.S. on them as well as 2 M203's and an MP7 .

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