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Originally Posted by Anthology View Post
Very nice review as always! This is the first time I've ever heard of a China-to-America company (JG, JLS, TSD etc.) including an alternate black flash hider, most of the time they just slap the orange on there and call it a day. Do you think they'll release the regular (RDS) version if this one does well? It wouldn't be very hard, they would just have to redesign the upper a bit. Considering this is an exeptionally priced, *full metal P90 (the only one the market as of now), I think this model will bring in nice profits for E1.
Yeah, it's the first time I hear of an American-distributed gun coming with the replacement metal flash hider too. My Real Sword Type 56 also came with a crappy orange plastic tip, but included the regular metal one in the box. Granted, mine came from Redwolf and didn't travel to the US first. I do know that my gun was ordered from an American store from my importer. I don't really have an answer for that. Maybe the retailer included the regular tip because the gun was being shipped to a Canadian customer rather than an American one.

I don't know what E1 have in store for the E90 in terms of an RDS version. Personally, I prefer the Tri-rail version, as I can attach whatever optic I want, as well as a flashlight.
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