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End of season bonanza at Elite Airsoft UK

From Arnie's Airsoft:

John at Elite Airsoft UK has some new deals in for everyone:
Hi guys, We wanted to have an end of summer sale,  but as we kind of skipped summer, lets just call it an end of Season event.

We have having a few MASSIVE price reduction, stating with the AimTop range of rifles. All rifles have full metal body.

  • The M4A1 is now just £99  thatís £60 off
  • The M4 Commander £99   thatís £60 off
  • The M4 A1 RIS £120  thatís £80 off.  The RIS set alone is worth £60
  • The SR16 is £120 thatís £80 off
  • The M4 S-S is £142 thatís a startling £90 off.
  • We also have a couple of fantastic deals on some HFC pistols.
  • The full metal semi auto Beretta M92 was £70. We are now giving away 10 cans of green gas worth £60 with every purchase.
  • The T77 full metal body was £105. We also offering 10 free cans of gas with each purchase.
  • Come and check out the WEI Lugers as well. They are not on offer, but awesome bits of kit none the less.
See you soon. John, (

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