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OP: Silent Eye ? Stirling Airsoft 6-7th December 2008

From Arnie's Airsoft:

Stirling Airsoft are running a themed game on the 6-7th December:
Hi, Just wanted to let you know about Stirling Airsoft’s next big airsoft game, Operation Silent Eye, our first annual England Vs Scotland game, to be held at Catterick Urban Ops F.I.BU.A. Village on December 6th and 7th 2008.

Unlike most of our other airsoft games, which are based on the ongoing All Out War storyline, Op. Silent Eye is the first of our "Old Enemy" games and will be a battle between teams representing England and Scotland, with the winning team taking possession of The Stirling Shield.

If Scotland wins the event, the Shield will go to be put on display at LandWarrior Airsoft’s Showroom, while if the English are victorious the Shield will go to Airsoft Skirmish.

Places are limited and have been filling up quickly for this game, but there are a handful of spaces still available on the Scottish side.  If you’re interested in coming to Catterick and joining in the Battle for the Stirling Shield, have a look at the Op. Silent Eye page on for details and prices and send an email to to secure your place.

If you aren’t able to make it to the game, don’t forget that Stirling Airsoft is now on Twitter so you’ll be able to follow our updates and we’ll be live-tweeting the scores throughout the whole game to keep you up to date on the teams’ progress.

Hope to see some of you there, Ken, (Stirling Airsoft)

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