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Battlefield - Defcon Paintball

Min Engagement Range - 40-50 feet

With the Hop-up setup right you will get deadly accuracy. Just ask the people I played with when using this bad boy. On CQB fields I only go in with just my trusty Pistol HFC Glock 17.

No.1 thing you must have are extra mags. Without extra mags you will be a sitting duck once you blow your load. Those extra mags coupled in with a trained shot and hop-up accuracy you are set to take on AEGs if you are quick, agile and are not afraid of bruises.

This gun has some heft to it. Not as heavy as a real Glock (Yes actually shot and held a real Glock 17 before) but it feels comfortable.

I dropped the gun in sand once at Defcon and I freaked, but after a good air blast of the mag and gun it was completely clean and still shot as if it never fell. I really enjoy this gun just ask the people who got hit in the head, and now my opponents have an HFC Glock 17 and now they get revenge on me after they trained their shot, I hate getting shot on the cheek or butt cheek for that matter.
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