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Originally Posted by plumbo View Post
you posted uncompany, i was going to get a kjw m9 from there but everyone said it would be confiscated, uncompany said they could ship it in 2-3 parts and it would reach me no problem.
since u posted uncompany i am guessing u know a little about dealing with them?
Perhaps you should reread the thread in more detail. I was referring to the mags being available on UNC and importable, not the guns.
Originally Posted by jesster202 View Post
They work but the problem is the non co2 vs of the kjw m9 isnt designed to take the pureshure, the problem lies with internals manly the plastic peices will break / get over stressed. I have read (on arrnies and here also)/ seen this with my friends kjw about a few shots and then it busting the blow back chambers loading nozzles, generaly any were the gass is trasfured into the knetic energey is the parts that would be dammaged also the little ruber peice in the blowback chamber/ loading nozzle will be gone after a few shots it will literly be forced out. Also noted they use a diffrent design in the blowback chamber.
Well thanks for the answer, even though it was LONG delayed. lol I figured this would be the case. Could have been that there was a regulator in the mag to only release a certain pressure equal to that of green gas / propane, but looks like it's just a different gun internally. I'll stick with my regular mags then.
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