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Popular Airsoft Monthly Magazine: Krasny oktyaber

From Airsoft

Popular Airsoft Magazine has gone red. Why? Read on, for full contents click "Read":This is an e-mail from 'Popular Airsoft Magazine'Message:KRASNY OKTYABER!Red October as a our cover story looks into the recent past (post World War II) history and present situations of these states. It cannot be denied that although at odds with each other's ideals, both the communists and capitalists can agree on one thing—the preservation of individual freedom, as evidenced by the two ideologies setting aside their differences to take a common cause against fascism in World War II.The rise of the Cold War saw the rise of the Iron and Bamboo Curtains that provided formidable alliances between communist states against NATO and its allies in the Asia-Pacific. This era became fodder for stories by airsoft skirmish organizers when planning MilSim events.In this issue, we review a selection of East Bloc-inspired AEGs. Dom tinkers with LCT's AMD-65 and MasterChief discusses the pros and cons of the CA SLR-105, while OptimusPrime is left literally "shaken" by the TM AKS74U with recoil engine. The AMD DSR 1 is taken apart and scrutinized by MasterChief and Ogre. Fans of this sniper rifle will not be disappointed… Real Sword International is kind enough to send us review units of their latest offerings—the Type 56 and 97B. MasterChief sure has his hands full with these Chinese LMGs! RS International is our Airsoft Manufacturer in Focus.Brahma will let you in on the Philippine Airsoft Tournament Scene, citing some speedball and MilSim-type competitions recently held in the country. He will also give you a glimpse at the most successful AK forum in the country, the FilAK Airsoft Forum. Take a look at Grupo Kalag's own masterpiece, the KAMPAT, and judge it for yourself its combat effectiveness in terms of camouflage.In our Armorer's Den section, Mamba will show you the step-by-step procedure in installing the SW-Panther MOSFET, a product of Gandolf's genius. By the way, Mamba has also interviewed the guy, Terry Fritz, the Lord of the 'FETs! in our Features section.Topping this month's Features section is Popular Airsoft's first foray in learning more about the airsoft player worldwide. This project is an ongoing commitment by Popular Airsoft to measure the airsoft players' interest in the game, such as preferences in what types of airsoft replicas they use, brands they prefer, and types of games they play. Also featured this month is the "Twin Hunter" by L.G. Hyeon of South Korea. Dom interviews LCT Airsoft, the blokes who gave us the AMD-65 replica, while MasterChief reviews Billericay Skirmish Site in the UK.Our resident geardo, Ogre, has finally laid his hands on Flyye's Maritime Force Recon Vest. He will show you why it has been the object of his wet dreams for the longest time! Hahahahaha!Our Popular Airsoft Contractor for this month, the lovely Yulia, will orient us on the various Russian loadouts. Her team from Kamchatka is given center stage this month by OptimusPrime.'Nuff said. Now let us all get our arses together and set the motions in high gear for the first ever world airsoft tournament.Hope to see you all guys there…The WritersPopular Airsoft MagazineVolume 1 Issue 8October 2008
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