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King Arms: An update

From Airsoft

Very (very) long update from Mark. It is so long that most of it is hidden under "Read:"Hello everyone, First of all, I would like to thank all of your support for the M7A1 and Galil AEG. The M7A1 is sold out already and we are having small amount of the Galil left. We received lots of positive feedbacks and we will keep trying our best to come up with more interesting products in future. It is your support and appreciation to keep us here to motivate. We just got some more items show up in our office. Let me give you guys a little introduction for every piece. M4 Metal Body- Colt SeriesAs you can see on above picture, we have 13 different logos on the M4 metal body with official Colt logo on the other side. This is a special custom order so get back to me with your chose and quantity before 22nd Oct, and we will have them ready by the end of Nov. KA-M4-20-C05 US ARMSKA-M4-20-C06 101st AirborneKA-M4-20-C07 Delta ForceKA-MA-20-C08 MK18 MODOKA-M4-20-C09 PunisherKA-M4-20-C10 82nd AirborneKA-M4-20-C11 Navy SealsKA-M4-20-C12 Rainbow SixKA-M4-20-C13 Ghost ReconKA-M4-20-C17 US Socom KA-M4-20-C18 US FlagKA-M4-20-C19 AFSOCKA-M4-20-C20 Special Force
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