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Originally Posted by FOX_111 View Post
Agreed. I came here to complain about the new quick link box to the left that is super anoying. Even on a 22" monitor, it's very anoying, I can't imagine on a small 15".
Agreed. I find that new box is of no significant use and takes up 20% of the screen width real estate. I'm down with almost all the other cosmetic changes to ASC so far, but I think this last one is a bad idea. Even on my 24" widescreen monitor, it takes up way too much space.

And the new thread title at the top of the page is also of no use and redundant. Takes up about 200 pixels and all it does is repeat the info that we already see in the breadcrumb trail and the title bar. It's really not that hard to see what thread we're in at a glance. While it's not really bad, it just takes up screen space for no purpose.

As for people complaining about the ads - make a small donation to ASC, and you get the option of turning the google ads off.
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