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I don't think it's posted but I think the only verboten stuff is anything illegal to begin with, anything requiring a PAL and blank firing guns (I don't know if a PAL is required for them, but we don't want them, take them over to CGN). I haven't seen porn listed in the classifieds either, but while we are not out right opposed to it it should be clearly titled in the thread title as porn and NSFW (yes "porn for sale" should be a good indicator of NSFW but I think in this instance we can over kill a little).
Obviously charging for copied music/videos is not allowed and that includes charging an extra fee to have an iPod filled. If it doesn't come with the originals it's not legit for sale (though if an iPod happened to be filled with music and videos when it was shipped that has nothing to do with us, it's up to you to erase your back ups).
I can start selling man-love video's of porn actors in army uniforms? SWEET

Ep 1 will have some dude with a PTW, thats for sure
(With one of The Acer gigantic silencers on it)
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Yes it is hard to find an Instructor that teaches how to Finger, Suck, Squeeze and Blow all at the same time.
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