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SOCOM GEAR Li-Poly Battery Test

From Arnie's Airsoft:

SOCOM GEAR has interesting news on what happens when Li-Poly batteries are overcharged as this is a more of a problem with people who are new to Li-poly batteries and should be aware of proper use and charging.

We have heard too many Lipo battery fire cases from Airsoft players in USA.
This is a big liability issue especially when you overcharge or have penetration on your Lipo batteries.
Penetration is an extreme case. So, we will try basic overcharge test which happened to many Airsoft players.
Here, we purchased some famous brands from Airsoft shop. To our surprise, they all caused serious damages.
We strongly donít encourage you to try it. It may cause serious damages. DO NOT ATTEMPT.
Our SOCOMGEAR battery follow CEís regulation and have CE and SGS certificates.
Please ask your Lipo battery supplier to provide safety guidelines and certificates.
So, what happened to our SOCOMGEAR LIPO batteries when overcharged?
Check youtube:
Subject is copyright of SOCOM GEAR

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