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I have a Kraken as a loaner/backup (my primary being a CA M15A4) and I've fielded it a couple of times just to get a feel for it. It's a decent gun, certainly for its price. It shoots harder out of the box then even the big names like TM or CA. It's reasonably accurate as well, I was only using the iron sights and I was hitting what I was aiming at as often as could be expected. Not particularly creaky even with all the plastic, and metal barrel is a nice addition. It's surpisingly heavy for a mostly plastic gun and fairly well balanced. It's TM compatible even though I haven't done anything to it. I'm a realcap man so I bought a pile of Star realcaps and they fit in the gun just fine.

All in all, it's a solid gun for it's price and a good investment. If I had the choice of a Kraken plus a metal body and woodkit or a JG, I'd probably go with the Kraken, though obviously manufacturers like TM or CA or even G&P are still better. I'm not familar with the TF16 but I'd recomend the Kraken to anyone on a budget or just starting out.

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