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Originally Posted by BC_K View Post
Given his actions does he deserve any better? A group fuck you to all the people he just sold to an he does not give a shit at all.

You give me any good reason to be polite to a lying low level sack of filth as such?

UZIGUY, your personal details and this incident will be passed along to the major firearm forums.

I'm sure people there will know who you are, let them all know just what kinda person you are so they can all NEVER do any business with you.

Hope it was worth the $50.
Although I was referring to Uziguy, I can answer your question. If you want to resort to name calling like a 5 year old then you will be treated as such. Why not be the better of the two and act maturely? Again referring to Uziguy, you BC_K do not have to be polite, you are upset as I would be, but keep this in mind. This is the internet, I don't know you personally and Im sure a lot of people reading don't either, your reputation is based on what you write, and how you write it.

Lets say, Uziguy did actually send everything in 100% working order, now I'm not saying hes a liar or that you are but, because of how he reacts to accusations I'm more inclined to believe your story as opposed to his. This is based on what he wrote and how he wrote it, because right now, he just looks like an asshole.

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