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Originally Posted by cbcsteve View Post
Wow this thread is UNBELIEVABLE, quite the hot topic and I was always clicking refresh to see what happens next.
Makes me wonder if I could get a retailer bar and sell popcorn in these threads, .

Plastic grocery bags can make a decent packing, hell its better than the M14 I was shipped not too many months ago. Wrapped in a single piece of white foam sheeting that was barely enough to wrap around the gun twice and then put in this box that was 10in x 10in x 52in, oh yeah, that M14 was movin around LOTS.

Then again, I recently grabbed the wrong box in a rush and sent my BB loader, bolle covers and a sock, most probably a dirty sock in a box with a TM Sig 226 to Brakoo. lol

I don't know Uzi, I was originally rooting for ya to begin with, knowing that things happen to packages with shipping these days. Then again, I've been laughed at when I use foam sheeting and hand cut pieces to form fit the items I'm shipping, since bubble wrap is so much cheaper. But after you went south with the acting like a kid and started going on about how the damage was cause by rectal insertions. . .

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