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Originally Posted by Uziguy View Post
Its an HFC springer, and BC_K is right that is damaged, but none of it was there when shipped I SWEAR IT! Maybe cheap plastic, cold weather mis-handling by postal workers......

The fact that noone is believing me and automatically concluding that I am scamming is very frustrating.

I have been here since early 2005 and have sold close to 100 guns. I have a +38 rating (since I last checked)
Magazine was IN the gun.

38+ ratings, an oh guess what one of them even says you lied about a products real details.

"I received a gun with some permanent modifications that were not advertised. Problems including modifications noted but no response after."

You tell me why I should not believe your lying? I'm asking only for my $50 back + the shipping to send your gun back if you want it.
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