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Uziguy - if you had talked to Cuda or myself when we asked repeatedly, none of this would have even hit the radar. Why did it have to come to this? Why yet another retailer/airsoft transaction squabble drama behind keyboards?

I'd say there's a miscommunication as to what is the definition of 'condition'. Granted these are classics, but let’s not lead ourselves astray with visions of King Solomon's mines and the rarity of such practical items. “Value” is a subjective, intangible term, not a 'bestowed' one. Just because they are no longer in production does not translate into 250% markup! Woah, easy guy! $2000? That’s a mortgage payment.

The huge crack in the rear end cap on the MP5 cannot be in anyway due to ‘shipping incidentals’ because it has the same epoxy glue used on the bolt catch on it; it’s just too big of a crack not to notice – it’s almost all the way thru the endcap!

Anyway – at this point, it’s obvious you’ve read our many attempts to contact you – so let’s just resolve this with as little friction and as much compromise as possible. You offered a full refund in writing if not satisfied, we’re just asking for a compensation for a less than mint condition on the MP5 – THATS ALL! Let’s talk...
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