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JAC MP5SD6, and a JAC AR-15 9MM probably 1 of 5 of each of these guns in Canada, very very rare and valuable. You saw a pic? I held and fired these with my own hands and they were MINT!!!

Please people if you saw a pic or talked to a friend, etc. Keep your opinions to yourself. I saw a pic of Bean once and he was a 400 pound woman, it doesnt necessarily make it true.

These guns were in perfect working order and in perfect condition when they were shipped in bubble wrap in a very secure box.
Hey mister, how about the "NEW" Broken HFC High Grade 1911 you just sold me?

I was not aware they came with a broken thumb safety, broken rear sight and the rear center part of the slide popped out.

You did NOT ship perfectly good stuff.

By bubble wrap you mean just a bunch of shitty plastic bags?
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