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Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
An AEG would at most break bones on a squirrel. I know there was someone that had posted a while back about picking off squirrels with a PTW with an M150 cylinder, and wasn't killing them. Not that I support stupidity like that. That idiot deserves to be held down and have a hi cap (preferably drum mag) dumped onto his bare skin at close range.

And from what I can see, shootsoft don't seem to be too particular about who they sell their "clearsoft site" guns to. There are at least 5 non-clear gun models available on their "clearsoft" site, as well as metal receivers. They have the site listed as 18+, but have no age verification system in place. If you can make payment, and you have a gun. Simple as that.
I guess some people would rather make money instead of keeping out sport 18+.

But I guess no one has proved yet that he is 18-.

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