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Originally Posted by FNG_13 View Post
the TM ones are the shit. Friend of mine uses one against AEGs with surprising success. I believe he was once referred to as "that shotgun toting bastard" in Ottawa. Likes to charge into battle full tilt with his hair waving behind him...hence the call sign "Viking" Well, that and his viking-like appearance.
Ha! That's about how I play paintball. Running like hell all over the field, with either the Giant Anime (ish) Pistol or the closest thing I can get to a shorty shotgun.

I dunno, if I can find a good excuse to get up to Toronto (My Jeep isn't exactly great on gas, and it's a long drive from Windsor to Toronto), or even just up to Flag Raiders (Or Flagswipe even, if they still do airsoft), then I'll definitely give it another shot some day.
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