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I've already got a set of CADPAT BDUs kicking around that I used to use for paintball (Not sure where the jacket went, I think it's at my parent's house).

But I have been thinking of trying it again. If the whole anality (Is that a word) about having 'accurate' gear isn't the norm, I might try it again.

On a side note, I was browsing stores, and came across this: Crosman Stinger S34P Shotgun. I know Crosman has a horrible rap for airsoft products, but I looked up some reveiws, and it doesn't sound that bad. However, what I'm really curious about are the shells-how do they work? Do you charge the shells with CO2 or something, like those Mad Bull grenades? And are they reusable? I LOVE shotguns, I'm actually in the process of designing a paintball shotgun (Which will essentially be a conversion kit for a Phantom pump, not an actual, multi-shot gun), so being able to play with one that works something like a real one is actually pretty bad-ass.
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