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Action Report

Action Report

TTAC3 Firefight Nights

Minimum Engagement Length - 2-5 meters - 6-16 Feet

At such a close engagement the P90 still performs well but I find a pistol is the best for room clearing in the tight spaces setup in TTAC3

Defcon Paintball Field

Minimum Engagement Length - 10 meters - 30 Feet

"Ai yaaaa!! POK GUY got hit!!"

Photo Courtesy: matt491

Performance in CQB:
After installing the 455mm barrel you can hit anything on a standard paintball field (Defcon and Sgt. Splatters) with great groupings. I can stand at the back of Defcon field (Roughly 30 metres? Correct me if I am wrong) and plink off people.

Though having the long barrel gives you a sense of invincibility and putting the hurt but as you can see in the video if you advance like a maniac like me then well a long barrel does not always make you god.

The ergonomic design allows for a aggressive push but the mags can be a bit cumbersome as its quite hard to take out my mag and restrap it in back into its pouch. Sure its easy to do by myself at home. But on the field in the heat of battle and you hear the enemy approaching your hands get a bit figedity and may have problems with a BB blocking the loading port if you don't load the mag properly you are toast!

FTF OP (Brian McIlmoyle Field)

Minimum Engagement Length - 30 meters - 98 Feet

Fielded this gun at the FTF game on Nov 9

Wow this gun is amazing in the forest. Sadly half of the game was cut short when my battery died and I had to use Brian's AK-47, Thanks Brian! Though the AK-47 was very accurate and deadly it was very hard to run at top speed.

With the P90 I was able to have one hand holding my gun while the other free hand moving brushes aside and lifting myself over dead trunks. Exhilarating it was to do a kamikaze runaway from Tyson and friends, but he got me anyway although not after running some 30 meters away from 6 people.

A P90 with a 455mm Barrel surprised me how far it can reach in a forest, I am used to thinking with my MP5, "Oh boy that M4s (or AK) got me pinned and I can't hit shit from here" but having a 455mm tightbore you can just as well hit them if they can hit you.
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