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Tokyo Marui - TM P90

TM P90 TR Silenced

Well I have had it for 2 months now got it Brand New!

- External Quality
- Internal Quality
- Action Report

Upgrades (Extern and Intern)
- Madbull 6.04 455mm Inner Barrel (Hidden under silencer)
- Modify 90 Spring (320 FPS) Will Chrono
- BSA Red Dot Sight

- 3x 68rd Mag
- 9.6v 1400 mAh (Main) Boosts Rate of Fire
- 8.4v Battery (Backup)

External Quality
External quality of TM P90 guns you all already know so lets not waste time blabbing about its appearance. The gun can be easily broken down and if you liek to travel light this is gun is for you. You can separate it into two parts and fit it into an normal size gym bag, so that if you are travelling via public transit it does not look awkward.

The great thing about this gun is that its quite water resistant. Not waterproof! But water resistant which in the rain you can still game it no problem.

Easy Break-Down

455mm Barrel Hidden Very Well
- Pistolero Steve -

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