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From what I hear some teams also have "team armouries" that they can draw from to rent out to players.

I think the last game I went to the guys had a FAMAS kicking around to rent/use in case one of their guns died.

For me after one game I was hooked to Airsoft, I've played paintball 3 times but TBH it kinda wasn't really my thing sure it was fun but I just prefer airsoft much more, I don't have a problem playing with older mature folk but once the neon jersry, look I can shoot 100000 BPS, kids show up it kinda turns me off from paintball.

But you should definitely try it again sometime. It actually isn't that expensive to get a basic set of BDU's and some boots (maybe $60 for a surplus set of OD's and another $80 for some good quality boots).
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