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Originally Posted by M_P View Post
I've actually played a few games, and, honestly, it just wasn't my thing. It might have just been the people I played with, but the huge focus on milsim and getting 'period-accurate' setups was a huge turnoff for me-I mean, I make it out to paintball's biggest annual 'milsim' event, Oklahoma D-Day, every year I can, and I've never been ragged on for not wearing a period-accurate uniform. Hell, almost nobody does. When I played airsoft, I was told that, if I wanted to keep playing there, I'd have to get at least a basic period-correct setup. I don't know if this is the norm, but still.
where are you from? there are groups of people here that play period specific but they don't force you to do the same unless you want to. I have not heard anyone complain about my rig or bdu's. I can understand if you are part of a team or something but that still wouldn't put me in to a specific setup like going all cadpat with the proper gear to accompany it.
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