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I've actually played a few games, and, honestly, it just wasn't my thing. It might have just been the people I played with, but the huge focus on milsim and getting 'period-accurate' setups was a huge turnoff for me-I mean, I make it out to paintball's biggest annual 'milsim' event, Oklahoma D-Day, every year I can, and I've never been ragged on for not wearing a period-accurate uniform. Hell, almost nobody does. When I played airsoft, I was told that, if I wanted to keep playing there, I'd have to get at least a basic period-correct setup. I don't know if this is the norm, but still.

Plus, it felt a lot like 'paintball lite' to me. The fact that I could barely even feel the hits was actually kind of annoying-call it weird, but I preferred the pain. Or, rather, potential of pain and increased drive to avoid it.

Plus, your gear is EXPENSIVE, and riding a very fine legal line. I mean, I've never had to go to a paintball forum and say 'Hey, can I import a hopper?'
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