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Airsoft gear-legal (to import) or not?

I know that airsoft guns are illegal to import (without the appropriate licenses, obviously), but I'm curious to the legality of parts such as magazines and the like. I've had varying reports from my searching-some sites claim it's all illegal, some claim that parts are fine but guns aren't and so forth. I couldn't find it explicitly listed in the FAQ, so I'd like to get a concrete answer-can I import airsoft accessories, such as magazines?

I ask specifically because I want to get ahold of one of these to convert to use with a mag-fed paintball gun. (For those that don't keep up with the sport, which is probably most of you, mag-fed guns are are getting a LOT more popular as paint prices rise-people would rather spend more on a gun that encourages you to use less paint, and they're just plain fun to use). I could always have one shipped to Detroit, drive over and get it, but I really don't want to be doing something illegal there.
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