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Sorry to sort of necro, just wanted to share my experience with 1337tactical.

I just recently (about a month ago) bought a Phantom CIRAS from them. Received the item very quickly, communications were quick, shipping was quick, it was incredible service!

But what made it even better is, I didn't realize it was supposed to come with a double pistol magazine pouch, so I was about to buy one off of their website. Then I noticed that it actually was supposed to come with one, but mine just didn't have one on when it was sent. So I sent a PM to jackyiscxd about it. Within an hour I had a reply, and he said he would be happy to ship me a double mag pouch TOMORROW free of charge!

Class act. Absolutely incredible. I will be sure to buy anything that I need from 1337tactical if they have it available. I was very impressed.
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