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Madbull, Socom Gear: November advertising

From Airsoft

News from Simon with exact list of upcoming products from MadBull and Socom Gear. Extremely interesting products will be introduced, pictures and details are on the poster:Items on Nov. AdvertisingMADBULL- AGX in Punisher 2 movie- Super Loud Noise Maker (Crazy idea) (no name yet)- Chronograph 2SOCOMGEAR- Robinsons Arms XCR AEG (2009)- Noveske N4 Gas Blowback (Dec. 2008)- Noveske KX3/ KFH cheap entry level version (Dec. 2008)- Daniel Defense RIS II (Dec. 2008)- ACE SOCOM Stock (Dec. 2008)- SOCOMGEAR MEU Ver. 1 (Available now)- SOCOMGEAR MEU Ver. 2 with Gemtech silencer (Dec. 2008)- Wilson Combat CQB Elite (Available now)- SOCOMGEAR Lipo batteries (Available now)- Arena Industries goggle Ver. 2 Available now. Used by Navy Seal
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