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huh ! don't buy L96 for your first gun then you won't have interest in sport anymore because that gun is suck unless you buy a decent one and the decent is not less than 1000 $ also it's not gamble because of their high FPS.


Originally Posted by Soulfly View Post
Hey Guys! My name is Trevor and I'm 23 years young. A friend of mine, Jeff (baker_jeff) Introduced me to the sport a while ago.. but I never had Interest.. I've always been a huge paintball fan.. But Recently.. I've been searching for BB guns and Wanted to design a semi-auto/full-auto BB Gun, but then decided to just get into Airsoft. I'd rather play on a field in scenario games and such.

Shall be fun getting to know a few of you.. and I'm looking forward to purchasing my First L96! I also have interest in some other guns as well.. But Mainly the L96, G36 and MP5.

Thanks Guys!

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