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Originally Posted by arcanuck View Post
If ASGK approved it then they should be arrested, not Tanaka. But then again we live in a world where there are no moral rights or real laws.

ASGK has no real power and is a buy-me-and-I'll-give-you-a-sticker-of-certification company just like THX (give me a break, I'm not getting started), Energy Star (there are many products WITHOUT this 'certification' that use LESS power), automotive pre-owned certification (anything with 4 wheels and runs will pass for a fee) with no real standards or engineering.
ASGK is an association of several airsoft manufacturers and has become a bit of an olde boys club. Of course it got rubber stamped. Tanaka is a board member of ASGK.

There is a bit of infighting going on at ASGK. In a past cases ASGK was used as a way of excluding competition to the Japanese airsoft market. Some members got tired of the corruption or wanted the corruption to go their way for a change and left to support JASG which appears to be a much more active association for target sports as they also administer to voluntary regulation of airgun target sports.
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