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Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
I'm trying to get him to communicate a little better, which he apparently won't do.

So why don't you take it to PM. This thread is about PTW PMags, which you know zero about either, yet come in this thread to do basically nothing but read your own writing?

If you have nothing beneficial to add to a thread, STFU and quit being a jerk. Seriously!!!

Back on the topic of PMags, rumours were floating around that Magpul was looking at making them for the PTW, but nothing has transpired yet. It's not really worth it for us to do them in Canada, as they would have to come in legally pinned and approved by the CBSA, which is a little sketchy. Or you'd have to buy them here, remove the pinning and build your own. Which won't be cheap or easy to do.

I'm glad to see that someone else is doing them, but Magpul is pretty ruthless with patent infringers though, so they may not last on the market for long.
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