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Green Gas back in at AirsoftSD

From Arnie's Airsoft:

AirsoftSD have Sapien Arms Green Gas back in stock:
To All,  Green Gas is Back!!  Sapien Arms Green Gas will be available and ready to ship Tuesday November 11th.  This is Great News to all Airsofters alike, please enjoy. 

Sapien Arms Ultra Elite Gas, GG10

D.O.T. Certified: Yes, Ship via UPS/FedEx with ORM-D Label 
HAZMAT Transport Charge: Exempt
Manufacturer: Sapien Arms
Gas Type: Green Gas
Capacity: 9oz canister   
Ship Via: Ground Only 
Scent: New Car   
Power Output compared to propane: Same  
Contain Silicon Oil: Yes  
Recommended for all green gas airsoft guns

Best Regards,  (TSD Airsoft Guns & Accessories)

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