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Originally Posted by Dracheous View Post
I think its more to do with the weight/speed curve that I was taking about earlier. The .43 does have more damage and slightly deeper craters than the .28, but for the .15g difference it is fun to see that my idea/theory that the reduction in speed due to the heavier weight does limit the addition of impact energy to the heavier rounds. I would be VERY interested to see this SAME test done at 10ft 20ft and 30ft ranges . To see if my theory that the farther the round gets the heavier ones are going to loose that impact energy sooner than the lighter rounds due to loss of speed. Though I suspect you would see the .28 and .43 catch up neck to neck at around the 50ft mark to have the same impact.

I am curious if there is an indication of the density of this foam that you are using, so that I can hit the local hobby supply shop and pick up some of the same stuff.
loss of speed is not loss of energy
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