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GFC Guns: Stubby Killer M4

From Airsoft

Bartosz from has sent in pictures with latest product under trademark- M4 Stubby Killer: We present a new GFC Guns product - M4 Stubby KillerWe have pleasure to inform you that today we have introduced into our offer a new *M4 Stubby Killer*, made by *GFC Guns. The replica is mostly made of metal, buttstock and pistolgrip are made of ABS and covered with a thin layer of rubber*What you will find inside the Gearbox :*- 6,04mm precision barrel- MOSFET- 7mm ball bearings made of metal- Reinforced TORQUE-UP gears- Piston head with bearing- Reinforced piston with metal teeth- New type of delayer- 4 locking pawl- Tapped plate of new type- Low resistance wires- Metal guide- Reinforced frame- Ball bearing on the engine's gear- Engine with increased torque- Chromium-plated cylinder*
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