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Horesemen: Bagdhad series (all chapters)

From Airsoft

You probably remember first chapter of Baghdad series. Will kindly sent in links with all the episodes, which are very much worth watching. Guys are putting together a very solid op, which is now appropriately documented:Hello again, just popping by to say the entire movie is now released, we hope everyone has enjoyed it, and I just wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to see its many chapters (sorry for so many links).OpeningChapter 1: EncountersChapter 2: Bad RelationsChapter 3: RetributionChapter 4: Rescue MissionChapter 5: Return to Baghdad[/b[b]Chapter 6: Night of IEDs and MortarsChapter 7: The Search for WizahdDeleted Scenes and BloopersThis was our first full length movie, and we hope to make the next one much better, the next large scale event we will be holding will be Somalia: Last Sunrise on November 15th. I will have a film crew of 3, which compared to this film is better than just the one (me).
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