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I did a couple more tests with that floral foam crap. Messy as hell.

The idea is to see if the different medium shows the same results. MadMax pointed out that many puttys are non-newtonian, something which didn't occur to me and was bugging me.

A few changes made:
  1. Fired at 6" away instead of 2m
  2. Foam has BDU material over it.
  3. Still used .12, .20, .28 and .43 BBs. But this time only from the 1911 GBB on Duster and an APS2 bolt-action.
  4. I tried a pure penetration test between .12g and .43g from an APS2 into the foam with no BDU over it. Just for fun.

Short story: Same results trend observed (the heavier the ammo, the harder the impact and deeper the penetration when fired from the same gun.)

It was interesting! Some lessons learned:

- Have a vacuum handy. It's messy.
- Vacuum also helps suck out the debris from the holes so you can see better.
- Not nearly as easy to measure this stuff with a depth gauge since it's so frangible/light/fragile. I gave up trying and just had to eyeball it.
- Shooting stuff is fun.

1911 on Duster from 6" away

Clear progression of wider/deeper/messier impact the heavier the BB gets. The BDU material is noticeably "dirtier" with foam-bits as the BBs get heavier.

APS2 from 6" away

Same observations as above, but more pronounced.

Penetration test: APS2 firing .12g and .43g into bare foam from 6" away. Pictures are self-explanatory.

The .43g penetrated more than the .12g, but the difference was not as big as I thought it would have been. Hmmm!
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