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Yeah, we were worried about that too. The problem with the ads seeming completely unrelated to airsoft (i.e. why you were getting credit score ads) was because of an indexing problem with the Google crawler that I just sorted out. The ad figured out that you were in Canada, but it didn't know anything else, so it pulled a generic "Canada" ad, and right now that seems to be the credit score one.

Because we got this crawling thing figured out a litter better (we think) the ads will hopefully be more useful to user because they'll represent the actual content on the pages... i.e. threads about specific topics will get ads actually related to that topic. I know it's kind of crazy to think of ads as actually being useful, and truthfully nearly all ads are pretty useless to the end user, but by coordinating with Google in the way we are, we're trying to be the exception.
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