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Originally Posted by byblos View Post
earlier today, i got a reply from UNC and a paypal refund email... i was happy but i felt bad because they blamed themselves for the slow reply.

but i apologize for my doubts and this may be good info for others before they start to complain/get worried.
While I have better relations with WGC and even more so with Redwolf I will still order from UNC if they have what I need/want in stock. UNC might be the slower of the bunch but I've never been left upset with them, other than typical shipping delays.

UNC is great, anyone that needs to make comments that because they are located in Hong Kong means they're a bad choice needs their head flossed with barb wire. I've had slow turn around times with them but they are consistently the same, which tells me that they are very busy and constantly trying to keep up with the demand. I have no doubt that UNC, Redwolf or WGC have mountains of paperwork from a SINGLE day of online orders.

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