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LA Gunshop: Ares PGM and M200

From Airsoft

Ares appears to have cut Star as a middleman and nowadays offers replicas under their own name. Their latest batch of sniper replicas (DSR-1 is already available) appears to be quite good and two members of said families are available for preorder in Japan. Data are still bit sketchy and nobody will be ordering this replicas from Japan, but LA Gunshop's announcement is still valuable as rough answer to questions what, when and how much. With thanks to LA Gunshop. - Ares PGM Hecate (top) will be available late November (174,930 Yen, 1,362.26 EUR). Length: about 1010 - 1220mm, weight 6800g, magazine capacity 23 BBs. - M200 will be available mid-November (219,030 Yen, 1,705.69 EUR). Length: about 1200 ~ 1410mm, weight: 8640g, magazine capacity TBA.
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