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Airsoft GI: New custom AEG and new GI gear

From Airsoft

Update from Airsoft GI. Both AMD65 and cold weather clothing should come handy:The Airsoft GI AMD 65 is the newest AK custom to hit the Airsoft GI Custom Armory in over a year! This beauty is built from a JG AK, but the internals received a little freshening up with new metal bushings and a master shim job by our head technician. The exterior came straight from LTC Airsoft Designs, a new company that's been dropping everyone's jaws with their high quality conversion kits. The AMD-65 is a Hungarian rifle built for woodland infantry use and also to be used inside armored vehicles. Likewise for airsoft this is a great gun for outdoor play and the folding stock make it ideal for CQB. This gun is solid inside and out, don't miss your chance for a very rare, high quality custom AK from some of the worlds greatest techs.Also, we have a lot of new cold weather GI Gear to keep you warm this winter.
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