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Originally Posted by MadMax View Post
I'm thinking we need a hybrid target that behaves in a Newtonian manner with an unpenetrated skin (like your cloth outer). Maybe a foam target that isn't resiliant with a cloth outer might be a good target. It would exhibit low rate dependent behavior and still provide a permanent deformation to assess. Maybe put a canvas cloth on that green sponge that flowers get stuck into.
That's not a bad idea, I might try picking some up next time I'm at the 1$ store.

My favorite idea for a follow-up is human trials, though. Get shot with a .25 and a .12 from the same gun in either thigh (for example) and judge how much it subjectively hurts. Maybe also document the bruise severity as well the next day. While pain is of course subjective, I think it would be hard to refute such results since they are pretty much a test of exactly what we're after.

Originally Posted by Drake
@Don: you could make some airsoft-caliber ballistics gel with some kitchen grade gelatin
A messy proposition, but the shattered gelatin and highly visual nature of the hit result would be pretty cool. Shooting stuff that "does" something when hit is fun...

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