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More new product from Flecktarn. ESS products are well worth checking out, also be sure to click Read as the news is fairly is offering GBP 50* to Name that Gun! The details are on the front page at:, with a quick link to the competition page. There are 25 guns to be named, and to help you, we have made a short video and also posted up pictures from the video for you to view. Entry is free and unlimited until 30 November, 2008. First correct answer drawn wins GBP 50 in store credit that can be used on our wide range of products, and the winner will be notified by email. values input from customers, and over the years, you've left a lot of feedback about our products. Now, we've added a reviews feature for every single item we offer. If you have used a product, whether new or used, issue or import, branded or unbranded, and you would like to share your opinions and experiences with other customers, please send in a short review**. The function found at the end of the description is on every product's detail page.
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