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Originally Posted by Amos View Post
Why not just get a chrony that can rate joules... and fire through it with the same gun at different distances with .2 and .3?

see which one retains more energy
Sorry, read that and just brought back memories of chronies with shattered LCD screens, made me laugh.

One guy I know says .28's can be easily dodged and .25's can't because of the fps difference, so to test it I got him to try to dodge .28's out of my M14 and .25's out of an M4. He started babbling some equations and physics at me (hes an engineer) and then I broke it to him that the M14 is shooting .28's faster than the M4 is shooting .25's (the M14 is semi only.)

All I know is with .28's you can't use foliage as hard cover very reliably but with .25's out of the same gun the leaves and branches stop the BB's in their tracks. Heavier BB's are also more accurate, and only wimps complain about weight differences causing extra hurt.
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