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Originally Posted by Flatlander View Post
Fox, I'm not trying to be condesending but were you able to understand and validate all of his theory? (because that's all I saw was theory and no empirical evidence he claims he has to support his theory). With the theory he covers you more than likely need an engineering degree to understand it; highschool physics won't suffice!


It's been a bit since I browsed through it but a few things I thought were off were:

- His coef of drag on a sphere: I think his theory was wrong IIRC
- IIRC he claims that the BB's will all hit their target in the same time amount reguardless of weight; seems counter intuitive to me.
- As I mentioned, the lack of imperical evidence to backup his theory which he claims he has and are damn near spot on.
Based on my experience, what he demonstrated by his theory and backed by his testing In real life, is a good base to start from.

You want emperical study, go ahead, make your own study. But as far as I know, his study is the only one in existance that is complete and to the point. It may be an unproven theory, but that does not make it a bad one.

If you took the time, like me, to read ALL that stuff and pull out the valued and make your own calculations, you will know that this stuff is usefull to us and it can be applyed to the game.

Since the BBs and gun are inconcistant, thoses values are ment to be used as a base line.

ex: I made range card to be used with X weight of BBs at X fps. It also has mildots indications. I know for a fact that the mildots indication on my range cards won't result in a one shot one hit, but I know that it's a good estimation on where to start to acheive a one shot, closer to one hit than a blind shot... See what I mean?

As for the joules indications, it's the first time I see charts that take into account BB terminal velocities, air dencity, energy, range.... So for setting MED (Minimum engagement Distances), I think it's the best thing we have to work with.

I don't need a physic Ph.D to use these thing. I might not be able to fully understand his calculations and do my own to validate, but I know how to interprete the values and apply the theory on my experience.

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