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Originally Posted by Dracheous View Post
Late response, but I still think that WGC, UNCompany, Redwolf etc. etc. were handy to have up there. Canadian local businesses as well as manufacture companies were handy. I can see retail being limited for the reasons you specify, but at the same time with those links harder to find I believe it will lead to more nub threads about "Where do I get..." yada yada yada. While I know that sadly those will never disappear, I just thought it was a handy tool to log in and click to find an address. Just my thoughts anyhow.

Part of it was that the drop down menu at the top was breaking when we updated it. so we intergrated it into the navbar. Same info except the retailers bring you to actual retailers unlike the list before which had over 1/2 the retailers being "retired".
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