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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
I think your graph is incorrect.

450fps with .20g should give 1.88j at the musle. So I guess other stats are also wrong.

I have good graphes somewhere that show everything you need to know about BBs ballistic, but it's not hosted on my server.

Edit: After closer inspection, the graph look fine. It's not very acurate, but it look fine. I retract my statements. But 450fps with .20g is still 1.88j.

That being said. Higher velocities with heavyer BBs require longer minimal engagement distances.
A 350fps (chronied with .2g) AEG require a minimal engament distance of 10fts using .25g in order to have 1j at impact.
Compared to a stock gun, 280fps with .2g require no MED since there is only about 0.7j at the musle.
Compared to these velocities.
400fps with .2g require a MED of 20fts using .25g BBs
450fps with .2g require a MED of 40fps using .30g BBs

So yeah, heavyer BBs punch harder and require longer MED.

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